Evolution of Z-Suite needed

Sorry for the double post, but probably this is the best section to post it:

Don't you think that it should be interesting to add a possible "No Raft" Command in the print menu.

This will save many many material and since your plate is well calibrated, removing the small pins by simple sanding shall be OK.

Just add also in such case the possibility to add more layer on the bottom.

This will be helpfull, and really material saving !


Interesting maybe, but I would probably never use it.  I'd be more interested in a no-raft option on something like the Build-Tak material.

Some people have started using Buildtak and many other new features.

That is when u need a Ultimaker but u buy a Zortrax.

It would be so easy for zortrax to add a checkbox to do this. So no need for an ultimaker if it can be done with the loved zortrax. +1 for no raft

Actually it's a bit more work to do, there had to be different profiles for every resolution and probably material.

What you as a user would see is actually a check box only. But I would add to, that this option is overdue for years now (others also).

Maybe they have no trust in their own printers capabilities or just like to earn some more $ from selling more filament (all those wasted filament for the raft).

I have such decent raftless prints on a printer with less accuracy than the M200, just by replacing its PEI bed with an alu plate an Builtak surface.

On my M200 I replaced the perfboard months ago by Buildtak wich gave me even better adhesion and removal of prints together with less filament dust and no scratching of prints off the perfboard.

Just raftless is missing yet.

People have managed to remove the raft with bits of software, and it doesn't always work.

Small parts usually come out ok, but warping on larger parts without the raft can really gunk up your machine. There may be other solutions to this (like buildtak) but you dont stand a cats chance in hell of Zortrax ever adding the option to remove raft. 

Some people have started using Buildtak and many other new features.

Which Buildtak are you using can i ask?

Is is compatible with the levelling of the bed the m200 does each time it prints?

I wrote about it in the z-temp forum but will not do here...