Exact meaning of "MODEL LIFT" in BRIM settings

Hello and good prints to everyone.

I would like to understand the exact meaning of the setting “MODEL LIFT” in the BRIM Z-Suite’s section.

As I read in this Web page:
Model lift - determines the distance between the model along with the brim and the platform (this option is helpful while using additional plates).

I would like to understand: If I don’t use the RAFT, where I have to set the first layer gap between the first layer and the platform?

Is not so clear…

Also, how can I slow down the BRIM speed which is tooooo high?

  • Zortrax M200 Plus 2.6.6 Firmware - Z-Suite 2.30.0


the first layer gap is the distance between the raft and first layer of the model, hence it is impossible to set this setting if you are printing without the raft (please note that the brim is only surrounding the model, so both the brim and model are exactly on the same height):

However, if you would like to increase distance between the model and platform (when printing without the raft) - you can change the model lift parameter (it acts similar to the platform-raft gap). I believe this is better shown in the picture:

As for the brim print speed - I have not checked this by myself, but you the speed of the first layer may be altered through the speed of the first layer the setting above the first layer gap).

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Hello Karolina, happy new year to all of you @ Zortrax!

I’ve checked and (don’t take offence) your statements are wrong.

  1. FIRST LAYER GAP: I’ve take few test and I can confirm my theory that it modifies the distance from the platform when the raft is disabled!
    You can see it from the attached images: settings + print test
    I’ve set 2mm of gap and it “worked”.
    Zortrax M200 Plus 2.6.7 Firmware - Z-Suite 2.31.0

  2. BRIM SPEED: There’s no way to modify it. The “First layer print speed” setting does not command the brim printing speed.

Is there in this forum a place where to put ideas or requests for the Z-Suite settings?



thank you for checking these points by yourself. Yes, you are right - surprisingly, the first layer gap setting also works in this case, good to know that. However, in the picture I can see the distance between the platform and nozzle is too high.

As for suggestions regarding Z-SUITE and its features - please feel free to post them here, our software specialists will have a look at them.

Thank you, we also wish you all the best in 2023 :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the answer.
Yep, the distance was so high just for tests.

Hi Zortrax,

why is the “First Layer Gap” in Z-Suit Beta not available when the raft is deselected?



How am I supposed to know what the distance is?
This setting must be available, please activate.

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Hello, firstly you select/change the First Layer Gap when the Raft is active/selected.
Then you deselect/disable the raft and the First Layer Gap will remain the same you’ve set.

You can check this in the info tab after the slicing, there’s the “First Layer Gap” listed.