Export zcodex file from z suite

Hi all, I have a zortrax M200 Plus and Z suite and I would like export zcodex file while software let me export zcodex2 only. The printer instead accept zcodex file only. I tried installing newer and older version of z suite but never I can export format file that printer required.
can someone help me export zcodex file instead of zcodex2 files?

(I tryed rename file format from zcode2 to zcodex but doesn’t work)


I think your printer have an outdated Firmware.

Zcodex2 files are standard for Plus series pritners for a long time now.

Please check your Firmware version and update to the latest which is 2.6.87 now:


In case of problems please tell me, if you have really old firmware you would need to update in specific order.

Also you can update Z-Suite version as well :slight_smile:

Best Regards