Exposure time calibration

I’ve tried it 4 times so far and all failed. Followed your instructions from website.
Platform went in vat and waited there for several hours until I powered down printer.
I found no cured bits stick to platform nor inside the vat.
I’ve newest firmware available, and I’m sure option came with last update. Anyway I’ve set automatic updates.
Any clues from Zortrax’s Team?

Hello, could you tell me what values did you set? As the trial model is being printed during the calibration, it would be good to wait until the process is fully done. Also, please run the lamp test and let me know the result.

Hi Karolina,

Thank you for replay. Well first calibration took around 7h and I gave up. Only thing I changed was initial time value to “2s”. Other calibrations ran with default setting. I kept them on for period 3-5h. Lamp test works fine. I can’t see any flickering or spots on screen.
Apart from, I could print things after. Anyway… I’m uploading photos of lcd.

Hi, thank you for checking what I asked for. The lamp test went fine, also, you do not experience problems while printing. This is good news. Please, set the initial time value to 5 (you may even increase the time step for the test) and run calibration once again. Let us know if it worked.

Hi Karolina. I didn’t say I’ve got no problem printing… I can print, but outside areas are quite inconsistent, so I prefer to use central area or, if printing multiple objects, I increase exposure time and supports tips to get to lets say acceptable results, but not always works and some middle area parts were a bit yellow and brittle. I had this problem for sometime… that’s why I decided to run exposure calibration.
Anyway… I finally managed to to get it work and it took awhile. Results are not good…Black is a Zortrax PRO and initial calibration was 5s. Others, Elegoo white and grey, and PrimaCreator Beige and their initial value was 3s (apart from first pic of beige where initial was 1s). I’ve attached images. They’re not so great, but showing that higher exposure, 8-10 zone doesn’t fill well. I guess, it should make this bits much more clearer and/or brittle (I’ve found calibrations example in fb groups that prove me right), but instead they’re fading.
I’m in touch with my retailer about it and hopefully they will get back to me with something positive, but I reckon outside light are not strong enough to provide sufficient UV exposure.


The exposure time calibration is used to find the best setting possible for a particular kind of resin. Users choose the starting value and the increment in order to compare the printing results of different exposure times.

I can see that the calibration works fine on your device.

If you have a specific model which shows the problem you mentioned, please contact me via PM. I’ll help you.

Kind regards

Hi Marcin,

I’ve sent you PM