External Inkspire packaging...is normally open?


Hi, new one in forum as new owner of an Inkspire.
Received today and going to open the whole hard packaging.
just a question: is it normal that the large external packagin is open ? 20191209_0008_rid 20191209_0011_rid
Not opened yet, but just curious about.
You know Courier service…sometimes…


Hi, I know that you already spoke with the distributor regarding this matter and everything was explained to you.


Hi KarolinaZortrax (forum),

Thank you for answer.

To be honest, when I was waiting for 3dpworld chat, I posted my question in the same time on zortrax forum.
Then, few minutes later, 3dpworld team answered in any details to me, satisfing my questions.

My question was due because I was curious about the external packageing so easy opened (never seen one before).
I just wanted to understand if the courrier had opened it.

I confirm 3dpworld Team explaned me everything.
They absolutely supported my questions.

Hope to be able in few hours to open the whole packageing (I received it yesterday) and test your inkspire.
3dpworld Team is waiting for news, if any issues.

Thank you for zortrax forum,
Thank to 3dpworld Team for perfect and fast support.



I am really glad to hear the distributor took care of the case and responded to your question in just a couple of minutes. Also, please note that when you have any objection regarding the packaging - you can check it in the presence of the courier, especially if the box is damaged. Also, while having any question regarding your device - I am sure 3DP will also provide you with excellent customer service, just as they did now.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards


thank you Karolina,
Going to open the package now.

I’ll write any news later.
Thank you