External Materials with Original Hotend?

Still running my m200 off the original (v1) hotend, this machine has only really been used for ABS prints

To save myself the time of trying to clean out clogged and burned PETG and PLA, will the original hotend (without a PTFE liner) work well for PLA and other external materials? Or do I need to upgrade to one with a PTFE lining?

Currently deciding between zortrax's v2 hotend and the notable 3rd party hotend

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for this?

Very sorry if this has been asked, I tried lurking around a bit to check

any info would be appreciated

Hi there!

If I were you, I would definitely upgrade the hotend to v2 (the one with PTFE tube inside it).

It works fine with external filaments and it's been confirmed by many users. However, remember that it's recommended to use Zortrax M Series materials as they guarantee consistent quality of your prints.