External perimeter adhesion, one more topic


hello everyone,
i have a new M200 plus printer, and on every print, every files (from zortrax too,so it.s not a model problem) external perimeters not have adhesion with infill.
i read some topic about that, but nothing works here.

if i set to 0mm the option «offset gap between perimeter and infill » , issue disappear BUT in this case the top layers of external perimeters are missing !!

so if i use default settings, print is not ok…
if i use advanced settings…print is not ok…
Someone have some infos about this?


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for information i use z ultrat and z asa pro : same results
i’m alone or all zortrax users had same problem?

i ordered a glass plate, provided by zortrax and in the box, some 3d printed part from zortrax, and it seems factory had the same issue !

external perimeters and infill are spacing…