Extruder gear fan mod and colors

What I didn't like with my recent M200 Mod (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:932256) was that it covers the Z-Temp behind it and because of that also hides the colored temp status display.

So I reprinted the extruder gear fan cover one more time with a translucent ABS i bought some days ago.

I am so happy with that filament, didn't find any comparable before. With other printers I liked this kind of prints with PLA but PLA is much harder and brickle (Z-GLASS even worse) and this ABS is just as smooth as usual with ABS and also very transparent and easy to print.

I didn't try, but think it could be even printed with a Z-GLASS profile without a Z-Temp.

I will also test XTC-3D treatment with another printout and report later.

Now I can see the colored temp status again, it's carried by the fan cover very nice.

You are not wrong to post this kind of post here, but being that it contains aftermarket mods I get the feeling this will move to the Park.

Nice cover anyways, Ill have to come up with something on mine.

This "aftermarket" mod (there are others also: the dual nozzle fan and the adjustable duct) prevents extrusion stops on my printer with great success.

I have experienced that extrusion stops after changing the hotend to a V2 and if this mod goes to "hide park" (making a chatterbox out of me) it's all about some Z-Folks having no manners again.

But maybe you think I should take a video about my printer stopping extrusion while laying the raft with Z-ABS premium filament, open a ticket with support and ask them what to do?  :ph34r:

what was the translucent abs that you used  and what were your setting?


Will you post the models and instructions for this mod to a site like Thingiverse, so others can enjoy the benefits of your mod?

Sorry I missed the first post links to the files, Thanks for sharing.

Drew, the first line of text in the post contains the link to Thingiverse.  :)

You are always some seconds (or days) faster than me, even with the mods...

what was the translucent abs that you used  and what were your setting?


I will refrain from announcing 3rd party filaments on this site.

Will update the Thingiverse post over the weekend.

Now working on another version with a duct that goes further down to the extruder bracket for getting more air inside the filament channel to the extruder gear.

It has also higher walls to implement kinda mount support for a bracket that holds the ribbon cable and feeding tube in place.

This should work with or without Z-Temp installed (ribbon cable at different positions).

I also think about to use some airflow (the fan generates more than could be directed to the gear) to convert the metallic bracket above the extruder motor into a heatsink by blowing air between it and the motor. Think I have to improve my OpenScad skills for that a bit (no, not talking about meshes and polygon count here [sarcasm off]).  :ph34r:

your sarcasm script has an error so you didnt properly perform it. you should use [sarcasm]...[/sarcasm]

your sarcasm script has an error so you didnt properly perform it. you should use [sarcasm]...[/sarcasm]

Thanks for making me aware of that, just another point on what to improve my skills. So embarrassing...   9.gif

now you nailed it, even without the tags!

to get back on topic, i have been thinking of testing a temp controlled top enclosure to see how much it would help me fight warping, so i guess one of these fan mods could be of some help to ensure there is no filament presoftening and to prolong the stepper motor's lifespan, even though Drew's approach brings cooler air inside and this tempts me :p

Drews mod with the compressor of course could be used to cool down the stepper/gear much more. Actually I have none, will buy none, just use that poor mans mod with the fan.  :)

A temp controlled top enclosure helps a lot! And again I use the poor mans version, just a passive temp control.