Extruder got stuck at the corner


Does anyone got the similar problem? I am using a M300 Dual printer. When I tried to move the extruder to the very left behind corner and the very right behind corner, the extruder got stuck half way. But if I moved it a little bit to the front, it could go on being moved in the left/right direction. I have attached a video to illustrate the problem.

It is weird even when I loosened all the self-alignment bearings as in the axis maintenance manual Axes Maintenance in Zortrax M300 Dual 3D Printers | Zortrax Support Center, it still got stuck half way.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Hello @bqi,

it looks as if the rails were misaligned. Are you able to print the jigs so you could check this as indicated in the manual (I believe that you only loosened the self-aligning bearings so far - how about the other steps of the manual)? The jigs might have also been included in the starter kit.

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jig-m300dual.STL (34.8 KB)
y-jig-m300dual.STL (34.8 KB)


Thanks for the reply.

Actually, this is the second time that I tried this axis maintenance. For the first alignment, after I finished all the steps in the manual, there was still a gap between the jig and the axis, but this gap was eventually eliminated by pushing the blocks as indicated here Axes Maintenance - Method with JIGS - in M300 3D Printer | Zortrax Support Center and adjusting the tension of the belt.

Even the gap was eliminated, the extruder still got stuck at the corner. So I started the second time of axis maintenance, and tried to adjust the self-aligning bearings. But the extruder still got stuck half way anyhow.

I am really not sure what happened to my printer and what I can do further.

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Thank you for the reply.

Actually, the answer is super simple and kind of stupid. The latter part of the fan, which is attached to the extruder ensemble, is stopped by the z-axis cover. This is the reason why it always gets stuck half way.

When I was doing the axis maintenance as here Axes Maintenance in Zortrax M300 Dual 3D Printers | Zortrax Support Center, I removed the z-axis cover to make sure I can move the extruder around the house easily. No surprisingly, the extruder was still stuck, and this problem has been solved by changing the location of the bearings a little bit with a wrench.

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