Extruder Malfunction

Hi Guys,

I had a model go haywire about halfway through last night while building and it was quite the mess when I got to it. Everything is all cleaned up, but everytime I start a print, it seems that the extruder does not go left to right correctly. It no longer calibrates in the middle and corner, it just goes to the middle of its current left right position to the middle of the front of the platter. When it draws the raft, it just goes up and down over the same spot, not moving left and right. Is there some sort of reset I can apply? It is a frustrating problem.



Please turn On your printer and try to move extruder left/right using hand. Is it moving very easy ?

Also look at belts and mechanics side - is all belts are straight ?

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Yes, it moves by hand and everything looks good.

Try to start print, and when printer start home procedure look at back side of motor which is placed at right is shaft inside of it rotate at time when extrusion head should moving left/right ?

I will try that. I also overlooked the fact that the printer should be on when I try to move it by hand. So I tried it. I can move it left or right when the printer is on but not forward and back. It is odd because when it prints it only moves forward and back and does not move left or right

You have some set screws loose. Is the belt to motor moving when you move it left to right?

yes, belts are moving

even the belt to the motor?

It is moving, I am posting a video shortly. It is moving left to right a little now, but it is printing some weird stuff.

Check your PM.

BACK IN BUSINESS! Thanks to Kyle, much appreciated!

So what was the magic that was done to fix this? :slight_smile:

Glad to help!!

Can we know the solution, please ? …

Pulley on the motor shaft was loose. Had to tighten set screw.