Extruder motor skipping when printing

My m200 printer has over 1800 hours of printing time.
The motor is skipping steps when I try to print with pla, abs kinda works but I could be better. Loading the material works fine and everything is connected to the PCB.
I think it might be something with the hotend, but I don’t know if is should replace only the heater or the whole hotend module.
Where can I buy the replacements?

BTW sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker.

You should investigate before buying new parts.

  • start loading a filament and when it flows out nozzle put a load on the motor by holding the filament with fingers before it enters extruder so you can ‘feel’ the force of the motor.
    normally the motor won’t stop and will strip filament
    if motor clicks you could have extruder cable problems

  • check extruder filament bearing if it’s worn out, when you disassemble it his internal collar mus not have play

  • check if your nozzle is partially cogged, clean it expecially inside or make a test with a new one if you have it handly

  • last buy a thermometer for high temperatures to test if the heater reaches correct temperatures:
    you need to make a tool for that, take a block of aluminum with dimensions similar to hotend, drill 3 holes in it one for heater, one for thermocoupler and one for thermometer. start a filament load and check if the thermometer shows around 240 degrees, if not you could have thermocoupler/pcb board problems

Thank you for the reply.

I checked the bearing it is a little bit loose, but not much.
When I hold the filament, the motor is strong enough to get the filament out of my hand. When I pull on the filament it lets me take it out, it is not making clicking sound, it’s just going backwards.
I haven’t checked the temperature yet.


as for PLA - please refer to this manual. Due to the fact that PLA has s significantly lower extrusion temperature when compared to other filaments (~210 Celsius degrees vs. 275 for Z-ABS), hence material residues inside the hotend prevent proper PLA extrusion. Therefore, you do need to have a separate new hotend V2 for PLA only. Take into account other tips as well.

Moreover, since the device has done over 1800 hours - it is strongly recommended to replace consumable parts such as the hotend (it comes together with a new nozzle) and heate&thermocouple anyway. Run the fan test via menu to ensure that fan coolers are operational, over here you will also find a maintenance guide for the M200.

As for spare parts - you can either contact your local reseller or contact our sales department directly via contact form.

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