Extruder motor wiring / misleading support document

Since the extruder gear is part of regular maintenance the connector of the stepper motor is unplugged on a regular base too and because the crimp connections are quite loose (at my cable) the connection broke and needed repair.

In the support document for the extruder pcb there is a straight wiring shown for the V4 M200 and that's wrong!

The connections shown for the pcb side is correct with blue, green, red, black (from left to right), but at the motor it's black, green, red, blue (left to right) with pins 2 and 5 unused.

Colors shown are from an original cable on my M200, doesn't have to be that way on every machine.

On the small pic the motors connector is shown with the motor upside down to show the spare pins, that way the cable positions are seen from right to left.

BTW, the connectors are a XHP-4 at the pcb and a PHR-6 at the stepper motor.

Hello there Z-renegade.

Thank you for the feedback. The manual with those pictures attached has been updated.

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Zortrax Team