Extruder Pinching into the Build Platform


I have printed several prints using Z-Ultrat and Z-Glass; everything was fine until I tried Z-HIPS.

Out of a sudden, I started a new print with Z-HIPS for the first time and the extruder went into the build plate piercing it!

This happened at the calibration before the print, and, it was impossible to pause the print by pressing the knob. Also, I noticed that material was not extruding when that happened.

This caused a material jam and I spent the next 4 hours just disassembling the extruder assembly. I placed Z-Glass material and it worked fine. I am now trying to print the same model with Z-Glass and a bit concerned due to questions 1 & 2 below:

Here I am left with questions:

1. How and where to buy a new build platform?

2. What is an interm fix the dented area? The calibration point for Z-Glass and Z-Hips are different. One is dented and another is not

I am concerned that I could dent the Z-Glass starting point and then I am unable to print using Zortrax M-200 since I cannot offset the calibration position.

I had this happen to me recently and put a small piece of silver solder (maybe 1mm x 2mm) into the depression left by the nozzle in the perforated plate, then used a small flat-bottomed punch and ball pein hammer to force the solder into the depression, and followed that up with a very brief pass of a fine tipped butane torch to melt the solder in place.  I'm more than a little surprised that it is still working and that the plating in the area of the depression wasn't completely destroyed.  If you try that approach make sure to back up the bottom of the board in the area of the depression with a solid surface so that the force of the hammer is applied solidly to the solder and perf board.

I have used Z-Glass and it worked fine. I have figured out that the feed rate is a bit slow too and the print started at the dented build plate normally.

Michael, thanks for your reply... It prints normally over the dent yet soldering and hammering are beyond my level -are they? Will let you know.

Did you use the Z-HIPs?

I usually use Z-ABS and Z-Ultrat only once in a while.