Extruder "stuttering" when printing raft


Hi All,

after approx 260 hour printing time with my M200, I got extruder stuttering too. I have made short video to explain my issue. Same stuttering problem occurs when printing raft, but after raft is printed - model itself prints good and without stuttering. Any ideas why this is happening ? 



If it clicks like that when "air printing", it's usually a nozzle issue, assuming you are using official Zortrax filament.


Yes, I use only Z-Ultrat and Z-Abs filaments. I will replace noozle and will check again (I have spare one). It is strange that this problem appeared after change of filament.  Previously it was all fantastic - no issue printing :)


All is fine after replacing the noozle. Back in love with M200. Thank you Julia :)


I recently had the same problem, but it seems to have something to do with the torque the extruder motor has during printing the raft.

You can try to provoke this behavior by holding the filament at the extruder infeed while the extruder feeds it in, then stuttering occurs.

For me, it seems like it’s a software problem, this has nothing to do with the nozzle. The extruder gear springs back, but only due to the low torque of the extruders stepper motor. In the current firmware version the problem seems to be solved.


My ownership of the Zortrax has been disgusting. It is not a ready for prime time product
despite their advertising. In a short time after cleaning nozzle in acetone and running wire through it or placing new nozzle, the problem shortly returns. It creates more problems for me than it solves. New filament feeds with no problem until it starts trying to extrude out of the nozzle. Then the jumping or clicking of the filament feed mechanism starts. Why? Because the feed motor is undersized. Thank you Zortrax.



I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with Zortrax. Still, please note that apart from the nozzle - there are other consumable parts which can be responsible for the problem you experience. The hotend might be clogged with material residues or the heater&thermocouple is malfunctioning. Have a look at the maintenance guide and refer to suggested part replacement time. Also, you may find our troubleshooting manual informative.

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