Extruder too hot, upper fan only ~50%

i have a lot of problems with my two m200plus (4 months old).
After two hours of printing extruder is so hot, i can event touch it…
The upper fan spin only ~50%. I can turn the upper fan in menu and then it’s like hurricane ~100% but while printing its only ~50%.

So i have constantly nozzle clog.

I try it with fw version:

And currently with the latest Z-suit.

Could someone help me?


Did you increase the fan speed in Z-SUITE? If it is set to automatic - please please increasing it to 100%. I would not suspect a hardware-related problem, especially that the fan test goes fine, and the problem is related to two printers.

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Z-suit have only lower fan (layer fan) and that’s not the problem.
Lower fan have nothing to cooling extruder motor.
Extruder is so hot that PLA is melted on extruder gear

Heatsink fan should work better not only partial.