Extruder wheelspin

Hey guys,

I've come to a problem a few days ago. After a print, when changing filament, the filament fill stepper motor has begun to spin. It looks like he skips some steps or so.

Unloading filament and trying to clean the extruder won't help. The filament is coming out of the extruder quite normal (it doesn't seem like the extruder is fully clogged) but printing won't work as well as it has.

Can someone give some advice how to solve the problem?



Even if the nozzle hole is clear, the melt chamber could be clogged.

Try this;

Remove feed stepper and tighten feed gear grub screw.

With stepper still removed, heat the nozzle (in options), then manually push filament through. If it doesn’t feed easily you have a clog. Also check to see if melt leaves perfectly vertically from nozzle; if it swings to one side you have a partially clogged nozzle.

With it still hot, remove nozzle then manually feed filament through hot end again; if there’s still resistance you have a clogged feed tube. If this is clear, you have a clogged/partially clogged nozzle. Soak over night in acetone then heat (CAREFULLY! Not red hot!) With a torch.


@B_S could you please tell what type of filament you used ? On my other printers when I change from HIPS to ABS, I sometimes have the same issue, probably because of the different melting températures.

Morever, is your bed still correctly leveled and clean ? If not, it may cause excessive pressure while printing first raft layers, causing steps skipping too. I would check that before disassembling hotend. Mine, after some prints, has its center higher, probably caused by material going through the perf board and touching heater plate.