Extrusion problems


Hello, Im having real trouble with my M200 plus. The printer is not actually printing because the material is not going through. I can hear a clicking sound even though I have replaced the hotend and the extruder cable. I have also cleaned the whole circuit so I cannot solve the problem. Can you help me? Thanks


Hi @Miguel1995,

I assume you are not able to load the material, right? Have you tried loading it with the hotend removed? When was the last time you replaced the heater&thermocouple? If the heating is insufficient - the filament will not go through the nozzle as well. Of course, make sure the screw securing the heater&thermocouple in the hotend is tight. Moreover, you can check if the extruder bearing is not damaged and that some material residues did not get blocked somewhere in the extruder.

You may also want to have a look at the troubleshooting manual.

Best regards,


Hi Karolina. Thanks for the reply. I have no problem loading the material, the clicking sound only appears when I try to print something. I donĀ“t think it is a problem of heating since the material loads perfectly. Is it maybe because the extruder cable unplugs itself during printing? Maybe the bearings or gears?


Hi Miguel,

thank you for providing more information. In such a case - I suspect the nozzle is too close to the platform, as the problem occurs when you start the print. If running autocalibration is not enough - change the platform offset (menu -> tools -> platform) in order to slightly increase the distance between the nozzle and plate. Please check if this makes any difference.


Hi, the problem seems to be solved but now and alert appears indicating that the temperature of the fusor is decreased, what can I do? Thank you.


Hi Miguel,

are you getting the #2:2 hotend: temperature drop error? If yes - the heater&thermocouple may be worn-out. Make sure they are properly installed in the hotend and extruder PCB.


Hi, Im getting both 2.1 and 2.2 errors (hotend).


I have checked the installation of the heather and thermocouple and they seem to be correctly attached to the hotend. I think I might need to replace them with new ones. Thank you very much.


Hi Miguel,

as you already replaced the hotend and extruder cable - only heater&thermcouple and extruder PCB are left. The heater is a consumable part, thus I would suggest replacing it first. Thank you as well.