Failed Inkspire prints


Hi, I recently bought an Inkspire, but I’ve never been able to print anything concrete, apart from some sporadic press, most of them have partially printed with detachment of the raft or printed nothing. I used Zortrax Basic Gray and Black Pro resins but the result has not changed. I send you the screen of the dish I prepared. These are very small components for a modeling company that reproduces objects at a scale of 1:35.
You can tell me if I’m wrong with the settings or if there are any particular tricks.


Hi Fabrizio,

Do you have any photos of failed prints? Also, can you provide an .stl for the model? Apart from setting additional support exposure time, I would increase bottom layers one as well. Still, I need to look into the file first.


Hi, can you tell me at what mail address to send the stl files and eventually the print plate file?


Hi Fabrizio,

Please contact me via PM. I’ll help you

Kind regards,



Please, can you send me your email address or can you send me a mail ( because I don’t know how contact via PM?



what happened to this thread? Did the problem solve? Do you recommend buying zortrax inkspire?