Failed Print - supports not holding/ not printing

I’m using the Inkspire for some time and its the first time I have an issue with failed print.
As in the picture - some of the supports didn’t print at all even though the raft was printed properly.

When you inspect the rest of model - there are some other supports which didn’t print properly. Is it a sign of LCD screen wearing off?

Before the print I calibrated the platform. Resin tank foil was exchanged 1 month ago. I’m using the newest software on both PC and Inkspire.


Can you share the model with us? If the LCD Screen was wearing off, most probably there would be a hole thorough the model (accompanied by black spots on the screen). Just in case - you can run the screen test in the menu.

What is the ambient temperature? It could be too low. Also, in Z-SUITE - you can set additional support exposure time and increase bottom layers exposure time.

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