Failed printed testing sample at 45 degree with 0.09 thickness


I’m using Zortrax M200 printer to print several testing samples as per ASTM testing standards for Plastics and Polymers. I faced a product failure while printing a sample at the following processing parameters (45-degree printing angle, 0.09 thickness, Z-ASA material, 70% density). Different thicknesses were used successfully at 45-degree, except the highlight one. The Z-suit software indicated a successful simulation (with adding supports ), however, in fabrication is in contrast. If you have ever faced this issue and resolve , please your advice and recommendations are highly appreciated.
Note: I attached a sample of the failed part

Hello Alsairi,

could you send me your zprojx?

I think you might need to perform axes maintenance.

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Thanks for your support and collaboration. I
4.zcode (1.3 MB)
I have uploaded the zprojx that experienced the failure. I have printed two different parts using the same 45 degree printing angle with higher printing thickness and they were successful.

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