failed prints (adhesion)

Morning all, has anyone else had failed prints on suite2.0 or the current suit/firmware due to rafts not adhering? I went from a 100% pass rate since ownership to about a 90% FAIL rate, I understand that the factory abs juice only lasts for so long but WTF is the point of a perforated plate then?

I have used abs juice along with 3m adhesion promoter (stuff works amazing and I have been using it on my other printers for 2 years) but Im still getting adhesion issues. So my question to the zortrax guys is this, did you guys change the raft process in the code? after almost tossing my m200 in the garbage from being behind on customer work and wasting well over $100 in wasted filament from this issue I decided to sit and close and watch the raft being printed and "it seems" as if the layer height on the first raft layer has be raised or extrusion rate has been lowered ( again "i feel" that the initial layers used to be much more squished ).

Please advise, I would rather not buy a $60 build plate just to find out Im still having issues.

on a side note: I have also tried both sides of the temp range for the bed and the adhesion problem is the same with ALL materials and build sizes, aka the problem is non-bias. 

Hi. I printed a 190x160mm flat part in Z-Ultrat with Zsuite 2.0 with no issues, although I applied Elmers glue on the plate for assure no warping.