Failed prints with m200 plus

recently i bought an m200 plus, updated it with lastest firmware and z suite 2.8.2. I’ve done around 150hrs of printing and i had a couple of badly failed prints, see p

this happend a couple of times both using layers thickess bigger than 0.14 (0.19 and 0.29), and seems like that was due to warpage of the part and dislocation (raft was sticking very well to platform)
in this version of z suite i saw that you can first layer gap, and values are different from m200 and m200plus. with 0.14 i found a good compromise (mostly copyng values) but i have very little confidence with other layers size… I use z-abs… do you guys have experiencied this kind of issues and/or do you use diffrent values than the defaults?
|m200|raft|1st layer|

m200 raft 1st layer m200 plus raft 1st layer
0.09 0.2 0.25 0.09 0.23 0.21
0.14 0.2 0.23 0.14 0.23 0.26
0.19 0.2 0.21 0.19 0.23 0.3
0.29 0.19 0.42 0.29 0.2 0.42
0.39 0.2 0.43 0.39 0.23 0.43

Hi @Racing_34.

Settings for the same material can vary between M200 and M200 Plus due to hardware differences.
Does this issue occur after slicing the models in Z-SUITE 2.9.0?
What calibration values do you get?
Would you be able to record a part of printing process when the shift appears?
If possible, please send me one of the models that caused such issue.