Fan and print speed

Just played around with settings to achieve a certain wall thickness and found out that switching fan OFF results in much shorter printing time, i.e. higher printing speed.

With fan to AUTO or any manually selected percentage the printing speed slows down again.

Forgive me if its mentioned in the manual and everybody knows it already,  you know, real men don´t read manuals  ;)

PS: Z-Suite



It does not work this way or I'm missing something  :)

Please pass me zcodes and I'll check them. I'm a bit curious.

Hi Marcin,

it does not work with all setups, but e.g. with this one:4635

Dreieck 1.zcode

External Materials PCABS     0,19mm

Print speed +40  Extruder Flow  -50

Shell     spiral  

If in AUTO its 22 minutes

With fan OFF 16 minutes