fan malfunction / roasted motherboard


a while back my fan stopped working.

I bought a new fan which also did not work. Thought it might be the extruder pcb and bought a new one (and a new thermocuopler since I had the old pcb withhout connectors) but after installing fan still did not work. 

Replaced the extruder cable but still no luck.. since I had the bottom side open to install new extruder cable I noticed this:

looks like the circuit copper 'burnt' through the paint layer on the pcb.

printer is still printing fine and for now  I am controlling fans through external power supply but i guess this is the cause of my problem...

any idea of the costs of a new motherboard?  and where to get?  local official zortrax reseller doesn't sell these and don't see them in the zortrax shop either..

ps bought my zortrax in november 2014 and this is the first malfunction ever..


Hi Bert!

Please contact us through Support Form:

We will provide you with the price of a new board and help you to go through the process of motherboard replacement  :)

Thnkz. just filled in the form..

tried that earlier but forgot to 'ad the printer' after pasting serial..  but now it worked :-)

Now I'm curious...... what does a replacement motherboard cost? 


just got a message back from support: €126,00 + delivery. 

Huh. A customer of mine just got charged $195 plus shipping. 126EU is only $149. :(


I'm sure, Donald T. will sort that issue too.



I had this same thing happen. See the picture in the 3rd post

I also found the board on top of the extruder to have lifted traces as well.  

You likely want to replace not only the motherboard but also the extruder board and extruder cable.