Fan Setting for Z-HIPS?


Hi All,

i have a question: What is the optimal fan setting for Z-HIPS printing? 

Fan speed auto is not good. With fan speed off, I have shrinking / warping. Which setting do you use?


I use ZHIPS all the time, but, not the default Zortrax Materials Settings. I got to external HIPS material and custom set my heating bed to 90˚. I have raft on. flow 100% Fan off… you could slow down the flow a bit and that will help as I’m assuming the raft is lifting in places. Also, I sand my platform between each build, and lay down a layer of Elmer’s Purple Gluestick… seems to work for me. I had no luck printing with ABS and ZHIPS actually if fantastic. It sands well, holds paint well and is hard as nails… good luck and I hope this helps