Fault on Calibration

A fault just started when calibrating my M200plus, the bed sits just under the nozzle whilst heating but when it’s ready the bed VERY slowly rises until it gets near the nozzle and then drops back down then back up then down etc etc it doesn’t hit the nozzle but it does touch as it should but just keeps dropping down. Any ideas would be great…

many thanks

Hi Tony,

it seems as if there was some short-circuit affecting the printer’s performance once the platform touches the nozzle. Examine the platform, heatbed cable, heatbed PCB through for any sign of damage, as well as ensure the pins are not bent.

How the platform behaves once you move it up and down through the menu? Does it also move so slowly then, or everything seems fine?

Please record a video of the issue, as well as the platform’s movement through the menu and contact us via support form.

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