Features don't print at certain angles?

So here's something interesting. I'm getting ready to print a Nano SIM to Micro SIM adapter with some very thin features. Since they only take 2 minutes each, I figured I may as well print four of them at different angles to see which comes out best. For some reason, Z-Suite is skipping an entire wall depending on the model's orientation. I get why that would happen at 45-degree angles, but 90 doesn't make sense to me.


All depends on how thin it is. 

I would check the file and make sure the vertices are connected and its solid. If not, I would say it is just way too thin and needs thickened 

I know I had an issue with a failed print about a week ago and couldn't figure out what was going on. Ended up I copied  the object on Rhino and it was stacked on top of itself. lol So it couldn't differentiate.

Hi, on a similar issue for me, this is what a Zortrax Technical Specialist said to me :-

Please note that extruder nozzle inner diameter equals 0,4mm and software always generates two perimiters, so minimal wall thickness is 0,8mm. Therefore try to increase your model walls thickness.

It is interesting that in the picture, three of the parts are printed with infill in the widest wall, but one (upper left corner) is printed with no infill.

@ahmedjaber please open the new issue on Bug tracker section, and upload your model *.stl/*.zcode and we'll check it.