FHD and GCODE format

I saw you added a functionality to use external dlp 3d printers. Is it possible to add the .fhd format to use that with my Sparkmaker FHD? Now that this is possible do you think you will add gcode format for fdm 3d printers? It is alredy possible with a converter but i’m hoping there will be an official way to do it. Please add gcode and fhd format :frowning:

Hi, Giacomo.
At the moment we don’t have plans for adding new file formats for external UV LCD 3D printers, but I will pass your request to our specialists along with .gcode generation request.

Thank you Marta :smiley: Adding gcode format will be a great option to let other people know more about the Zortrax system. Maybe it’s the start of a new slicers revolution :wink:

For sure, more people would be able to explore Z-SUITE options and Zortrax Ecosystem. I’m sure our specialists will take that into consideration :slight_smile:

I agree with the request: it’d be a real revolution! Z-Suite is an amazing slicer and this feature would be awesome!

Please, Marta, help us!!!

I agree too! I would be great to have these features! I hope to see them in the near future… Thanx in advance!

Wow :open_mouth: It’s a great Idea and a big opportunity. Please add this feature to z-suite :blush:

Thank you all for your input.
I’ve passed your request to our specialists.

Ability to use Zortrax slicer on 3rd party FDM printers would make life a lot simpler…