Filament came out from the wrong place

Hi guys,

While I'm printing I noticed filament is coming out from the bottom(not tip) of the nozzle, around the screw, about the size of two water droplet after 4 hours of printing. That didn't concern me too much, I think I just have to tighten the nozzle after the print. but I also noticed filament is also coming out above the heat block, between the heat block and the small metal plate, about the size of half water droplet on each side. Is this normal? My printer is working normally so I don't think it's caused by a blocked nozzle.



no that is not normal you have something lose obviously

This is where the nozzle seals to the tube. If it is not snug and have a good seal it can leak in both directions.. Make sure to tighten nozzle when heated. Do NOT over tighten or you will snap the threads right off. Make sure the top two screws are tight first. Then tighten nozzle. Do all of this heated because there is ABS between tube and heater block.zmaKmj.jpgBiI2kK.jpg

Nice model there Kyle!

Thanks Kyle, I think tighten it when heated solved the problem. The zortrax guide says tighten it when it's cold. I did that and I had the leak.

Yah... never tighten when cold unless you like to break threads off, then by all means go for it ;D 

Nice model there Kyle!

Thanks!! Got bored one day..