Filament Curling / Not Sticking / Curled Shavings

Thank you for your time.


  • The PETG Filament is not sticking to the support or the floor. When the PEG Filament does stick, it’s just barely.

  • The PETG Filament is also curling and flaking all over the plate and on the projects.

  • One project’s support piece (The tower that builds next to the project), broke in half.

(The support isn’t having any troubles)

I followed the Extruder Maintenance guide. I cleaned it out (There was nothing built up).

I unloaded and reloaded the filament.

I checked the lines (no clogs).

I heated the platform and I heated the extruder before printing.

I re-aligned everything through the touch screen (platform, extruder, etc.)

I’ve had it run nozzle tests

I’ve made sure it adjusted the nozzles to the right setting when printing.

Nothing seems to work and I’m at a loss.


My colleague already replied to your support ticket. Please, check your e-mail box and follow the steps she provided.

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