Filament Guide

Filament Guide-

So i moved from one places to another and in the process lost my filament guide tube. Is there a way to buy a new one rig one up from some home depot clear tubing. It's not that big of a deal but a slight annoyance.

Search for 2mm ID PTFE tubing. 2mm is obvious and PTFE for low friction.

Meantime, place the roll (secure it) above the printer on a shelf or something like that and you should be able to print.

Home Depot or Lowes don't have the size you need.  

I know I looked. You have to order online or from a specialty store. You need 4mm OD Ptfe tube

You would think being 1.75 filament that 4mm is too big but it isn't. I know because I got 2mm tubing and it is too tight. With the bends and that, a 4mm will give just enough drag and any less it will be too much

EBAY!!!!! :P