Filament Jam

Hey guys, I have a jam I’m not sure how to resolve. It appears to be something blocking the filament after the gear just after it goes into the hole below that. It is not the extruder (which is currently removed). I’m unsure how to get at it without disassembling so many things.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


I had an issue like this, First remove the pulley motor that feeds the filament, then heat the hotend from the menu and finally i used a thin metal rod (actually used the one that came with the toolset even though i think thats supposed to be used on the nozzle) , and then pushed really hard through the little opening down into the hotend.

Once i got a bit of a space in the opening i fed in new filament and it started to flow freely.


At first, try basic methods from

If these guides will not help, the easiest way to remove jammed filament below the gear is:

  1. Remove the motor (this link will help -

  2. Remove the hotend (this link will help - )

  3. It probably already solved your problem, but if extruder is still blocked please use piece of filament to push it from the bottom. Use any metal rods (i.e. thin drils) only in in the last resort.

  4. Cut the rest of the filament that comes with your hotend before you will assemble it back.

We will make manual for it.

Thanks FilIp, that was what I needed to remove the jam (which I had to drill out).