Filament type

Has anyone played around with different filament yet? Nylon, PC… I just ordered some Taulman 618 nylon to play with.

Nylon has completely different properties than ZABS/ABS, until not prepare a profile for Nylon, I do not recommend use of this material.

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Well… I will have it on standby. Let me know if and when you have a profile for it. No hurry as I ordered plenty of Z-ABS.

If we have ready profile then we will offer our Z-Nylon, to controlling quality and print output and by the way to keep extruder safe from jamming we have to keep filament properties and production in our hands: with ABS, PLA, Nylon etc. is always same story for example if you order ABS from 3 sources then you get 3 different print quality.

And if we doing Z-materials by ourself then we are sure that everyone who print for example with Nylon get same output then in case of print quality problems we can tune our software for getting perfect results.

Yesterday we tested ZPC-ABS with big success in next week we will start to work at Z-PLA, Z-Nylon will be last material to add.

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Perfect… Really interested in the ZPC-ABS. We machine a lot of Lexan. It would be cool to print instead of CNC…

What’s the difference between ABS and PC-ABS?

After PLA and Nylon, maybe you can work on a profile for Z-Wood filament. :wink:

PC-ABS is a blend of Polycarbonate and ABS. Polycarbonate is an extremely strong plastic (Lexan). I stopped a .45 caliber round with a 1/2 Lexan sheet. Bullet bounced back at us. Really STUPID!!! :smiley:

My experience with Taulman nylons on the Up/Afinia is that Taulman has excellent quality control and reliability. I prefer the 645 to the 618 - it’s stronger and seems to warp less. It’s pretty tolerant of extrusion temperature, anywhere from 210-250C works OK; I usually use 250C. It prints fine with the normal Up ABS profile, I usually use “Fast” speed and 0.25mm layer height. Adhesion can be challenging, I use a Garolite plate scuffed with sandpaper. All that said, nylon is not a big priority for me for the Zortrax since I have no need presently for large parts in nylon; the Up build area is enough for me.

I REALLY want PC and PC-ABS as those materials are much stronger and more capable in load bearing designs I have on my wall. Hopefully, those will be available soon… What I would drool over is Ultem… But the temperatures we’re talking about are pretty hefty and warpage from an open frame would be pretty severe.

Definitely looking forward to an upgrade that will alloys Zortrax to print Polycarbonate. That is the material I will be using for my business whether I have to modify or not. lol Glad I’m just in the testing and building stages.

I am confident that he future holds such an upgrade for the Zortrax.

They are working on a PC-ABS right now.

I learned from that 618 Nylon filaments is easy to print with, but it is highly sensitive to absorbing air moisture so you have to store it in a sealed bag. It’s actually one of my most favorite types of filament because of its benefits and characteristics.

Are there any progress or test updates for using PC-ABS as yet? Im thinking of buyimg one but want to wait until the firmware supports it. I am new to 3d Printing.