File has failed to save

When I try to print this project, the printer doesn’t receive anything. When I try to save the project, the message “File has failed to print” shows. The name of the project doesn’t have any special character. Notice that each of these two models are on the edge of the platform.
When I try to print only one model in the center of the platform, it works.
Is this problem related to Z-suite refusing to print models at the edge of the platform?


Could you please provide me with your system and Z-Suite exact version in use?

Also could you please share with me the .zcodex and .zprojx file that is wrongly generating?

It could greatly help in this case.

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we already released Z-SUITE BETA 2.25.0, where major changes regarding macOS have been applied - therefore, please check this version, as it might help to resolve all issues you have been facing.

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