Files corrupted with Z-Suite transfert and slow network

I have some files corrupted on the machine when I add them with Z suite over network (slow) and I power off, power on the machine (M300+ and M200+)

This bug was here for a long time.

  • Could you check if the machine does a file system cache write after each file transfert (read about sync function on Linux)
  • Do you check file integrity ? I can start a print with a currupted file that will fail like if the machine is not checking the file before starting (use checksum or some equivalent please)

Please, It’s a long time Z-Suite transfert is a crap. I meet other users that told me the same. Improve it please.
And could you add a format filesystem over network. It could be nice if you have a lot of file to clean all your week prints in one click.

Hello facotl,

Sorry to hear about your problems.

Could you please send me example files that get’s you the fail?

And while at it, could you describe the fail you are experiencing?

Best Regards

It can be there with any file.
The print fails like if last layers were not done. You have to remove the file and upload it again to fix it.


Sorry I cannot recreate the same error you are reporting.

If the file is damaged the Firmware should show you the error of file corruption.

Could you send me your corrupted file?

Best Regards