Firmware 1.0.6

M-SERIES Firmware 1.0.6 is here!


We are introducing 1.0.6 firmware with the long-awaited changes, take a look at full changelog:
1. New Features
 1.1. Models
- Add support for directories on the SD card (models now can be stored in directories).
- Maximum number of files in one directory is set to 50 (for performance reasons), number of files on the SD card is unlimited (tested up to 500 zcode files).
- Removed the ".zcode" extension from display.
- New icons for the ".zcode" files and directories.
- Name of directory is shown inside <>.
- User now can set different sorting options.
 1.2. Maintenance.
- Autocalibration - different (randomized) points for autocalibration.
- New option : heat the bed.
 1.3. Settings.
- Added models sorting options: sort by filename (case sensitive or not), sort by the file size.
- Can disable LEDs in the sleep mode
 1.4. Printing.
- Support for Z-ESD
- User will be asked for confirmation before removing material from the extruder.
- "Entering pause, please wait" message, if the user enters pause.
- Information that we cannot pause the print job when printing raft (if the user presses pause button)
- Check the file before heating the extruder to prevent material degradation when printing large files
2. Bug fixes
- Removed issues with more than 120 files on the SD card (support for directories).
- Feedrate will be restored after pause.
- Removed display error if cancel pause during checking the file before the print job.
- M300 platform will move down after the print job.
Bugs could be reported through [url=]Bugtracker[/url]
[url=]Firmware feedback[/url]

Fantastic! Thank you for adding directories and sort order and removing the ".zcode". Running it on one M200 but as the others finish their current jobs they will be updated as well. Did take a quick clean-up of my SD cards to break everything down into <50 file folders but the result is simply "FANTASTIC" and sort order ....oh my! Love it!