Firmware 2.2.3 & 2.2.0

After staying away from the always disappointing experience with firmware updates I gave it another try today. I should have know better. After finishing a print today I updated to version 2.2.3 (the recommended one). After the update I first get the M300 Dual tell me I need all kind of maintenance, for just about any component of the machine I could imagine. Restarted the M300 Dual and it tells me there is no material, well there is, but let’s unload and re-load. After going to the process it tells me there is an encoder malfunction and I should check it (how, where, nothing on the Zortrax website, manuals or even forum). Ok, let’s go one version down, so installed version 2.2.0. I can not believe the same problem, how does Zortrax keep doing this, firmware after firmware is a nightmare in a disappointing experiences. I have been in electronics for 40+ years and never new a firmware could destroy the hardware of a machine (it can’t by the way). I use this machine for pro usage and again I’m not being able to do my work, this is a € 5000,- machine, not a toy.

Please can you solve this, a.s.a.p.


Hello, this is really weird, I never had all these problems! And I have all the Zortrax printers except the adventure

Hello Erik,

As for the encoder malfunction - please, go to Settings -> Working options -> Ignore material jam. Let us know if you are able to load the material then. Also, the firmware update/downgrade should not cause any hardware-related problem - most probably this is a coincidence.

Best regards,

I’ve got the same problem. Ignore material jam helped, but it’s not a solution IMO. What can we do to solve the problem ? No info about that on Zortrax Help Pages :confused:


Please, contact the reseller from whom you purchased the device and ask for warranty terms and a replacement part. Also, you can always contact our Support Department directly via support form.

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