Firmware upgrade 1.2.0


Hi All

I have been trying to upgrade the firmware for the 5 x M200 plus machines that we have in our STEM centre as the firmware updates have got a little far behind. In know previously I had to install rolling upgrades e.g from 1.0.6 to 1.1.0 then to 1.1.1. However, I cannot go any further as 1.2.0 does not seem to update. I am using a USB installation and it recognises the update file and goes through the process, but when the printer restarts the firmware version still says 1.1.1. I have tried this process on each of our 5 printers with the same result


Hi, @loaders.

Please, try to install 1.1.2 firmware first and then 1.2.0. We’ve changed the installation file’s format in the meantime and there may be problem with updating the printer from versions older than 1.1.2.
Let me know whether this helps.