First larger prints on 1.7.1, horrible...

I have been a bit off the radar for a while due to work stuff... last week I started to print bigger things again, first time using the latest 1.7.1 zsuite + 1.0.5 firmware

Unfortunately I have to say that the prints all look terrible (tried all the obvious stuff, new nozzle, etc). Stringing, burn marks, underextrusion, support removal is a pain...nothing comes off without having to carve with the knife. 

I guess I have to go back to 0.9.6, as well?

What's the deal with the print quality getting worse and worse with every firmware release? Is Zortrax working on this?

This part was printed with Ultrat, 0.19, brand new nozzle, fresh spool. Looks awful.

Almost brand new V4...the prints on my other V1 look the same.





Can you get me STL? I look into it. 

Hi Marcin, unfortunately I can’t share the STLs for this project.

but I thought it was already proven that the later SW versions have worse quality than 0.9.6. I found this thread where you were printing stuff from David and you could confirm that 1.6.1 was giving bad results…

I just want to know if you guys are working on a solution. What is the root cause? Just from observation it almost seems like the later versions run hotter and extrude slightly too fast…causing the squiggly wall artifacts.

no feedback?

I cant do much without STL. You can send it to me through PM - it stays with me, no worries. 

(sorry for lack of response - xmas break)