First Layer - ABS

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I would ask to you if any one can suggest me the best way to achieve a smooth first layer. I mean it’s perfect as it comes from the normal print setting from Z-Suite for ABS but id’ like to have it as ( or the most like possible) the last layer printed.

(printed as first layer)
(printed as last layer)
Hope everything is clear
Can someone help Me?
thank you


To make it smoother you can try increasing the density of the first layer and printing on the glass plate without the raft, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to achieve it to be fully smooth.

To have it even smoother you should try printing it at an angle to have the least surface in direct contact to the perforated plate and use some post-processing as Apoller afterwards.

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is there any option to change the number of outer layer?

Currently in the stable version it’s not possible, but you can go ahead and try our Z-Suite Beta 3.1.0 where you can chage the Outer Walls number.


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Hope soon will release the official version
thank you

I recommend that you give the beta a try, and check it for yourself :slight_smile: