First layer gap has no effect in Z-Suite 2.6.1

Changing the first layer gap in Z-Suite 2.6.1 does not actually change the distance between bed and first layer, it remains the same. You can check by setting gap to 1mm, the gap should be big, but it is not.

Can someone else reproduce check ?


Hi Lucian,

I've double-checked and everything seems to be fine. Differences are clearly visible.

Please remember that first layer gap feature lets you change the distance between the raft and first layer of the model.

I understand. I tought it is used to control how well raft sticks to bed not how well object sticks to raft.

Is it possible to configure the gap between first layer of raft and the bed ?

I understand. I tought it is used to control how well raft sticks to bed not how well object sticks to raft.

Is it possible to configure the gap between first layer of raft and the bed ?

It's not possible at the moment. If you're encountering problems with warping, calibrate the platform, keep a stable temperature inside the chamber and use some ABS Juice:

Hello Lucian, to improve the adhesion of the raft to the bed, also have a look at my trick at the following page:

I have another problem with the gap: I can control it with totally visible results, however, the problem I am running into is that the top layer of the raft stick more to the print itself then to the raft. This is actually logical as the amount of adhesion surface is bigger between the print and top layer of the raft. Maybe the 2nd from the top raft layer should be 110% dense to hold on to the top layer and allow for a better separation. Currently I set it around .75, anything smaller sticks too much to much to both raft and the print, larger than that it can easily be separated by hand but the bottom of print is really “hairy”, this is difficult to remove because there is an edge to that layer that is totally solid.

Hi, @TKAstudio.
What kind of material do you use?
When was the last time you performed platform maintenance?

I am using PLA+ 99% of the time, testing PETG a bit but each material has its own issues so it takes time to get to know it, for instance opaque PLA+ is somewhat different from translucent even though they both have the same recommendations regarding the print settings. I performed calibration just about a week ago. I sliced the same model with the latest software and with the original which was 1.13. 1.13 came out good but the latest software campout better (various transitions were much sharper etc) but with raft problem so I figured may be firmware which I updated and now its seems to be working fine.
On the the topic of the bottom layer, as I end up dividing models into parts for various reasons I quite frequently end up with printing my models upside down (I do a lot of precise industrial design prototyping) and need more bottom layers to be able to finish that surface - very fine sand paper (600) and liquid polisher.
Also, regarding the printing with raft or without, which gives a better bottom surface I was wondering about a different kind of raft, instead of underlay a sort of collar with a “V” groove at connection to model which could be broken away (much less clean up work tan a full surface). I kind of tested manually this idea but the first layer or 2 have to most likely @ higher temp before going to normal above that.

How do you separate your object from the raft ?? Did you try the spatula ?

Good that it works now. However, remember that apart from calibration, it is recommended to regularly perform platform calibration.
This procedure allows to keep platform in good condition and avoid multiple printing issues (warping, raft and first layer issues etc.).

@TKAstudio, could you send me a PM with some pictures of the raft you’ve mentioned?