First layer gap value explanation

Is the first layer gap is different for each layer height option?

When I try to print other layer heigh than 0.19mm , for example 0.09, then the print doesn’t stick on the raft…
What s mean the value of 0.26 layer gap? Don’t tell me the gap between the raft and print because with a layer of 0.09 it is just impossible to have 0.26 under the raft otherwise you print in the air.

Thanks for explanantion if this forum si still alive…

Hello Fzank,

Yes, the first layer gap is different for each material and layer height.
Below you can see the differences first one was 0.27 and second one was 1.17.

If you are experiencing problem with adhesion of the model you can change it a bit to make it stick better.

Also performing the platform maintenance and calibration could help.

If possible please send us your zcodex to check on our side.

Best Regards

Thanks a lot for repoy