First layer missing material


Just started noticing with the first layer that is put down after the raft it prints it really thin almost as if no filament is getting pushed out (was watching my printer). as soon as the nozzle is lifted and moved the first layer comes good again.

I have used the same model just change a few settings like temp bed or print temp. the model is perfect except for this, no blemish or blobs or under extrusion. Just the first layer.


Could you send me the zcodex or at least tell me the profile you used for this one (material, layer thickness, etc.)?

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I'm using ABS settings, 0.4 nozzle, 0.14 layer thickness, 250 print temp, 65 bed temp, print speed and extruder flow 0%, retraction 36, distance 1.0. Like I said model is perfect except for first layer. This is an external ABS