first layer prints to close to bed


i have a windows 7 system with an m200.

i am printing with new roll of ultrat.

i just replaced with new bearing,  new steeper feed motor w gear , new cable, nozzle, v2 heater hotend assy, v2 heater, and re calibrated.

the first layer prints so close to the bed that the feed motor skips trying to push filament on the bed.

it squishes the first layer out but it causes an intermittent line of filament. 

then the 2nd layer prints fine

i think the code has changed something.

do i need to go back to older firmware or z-suite software.

how do i get more space on first print between bed and nozzle !!

the pictures that dave lindbergh took on previous post look like what is happening to me also.



Hi Lou,

Does the problem concern the entire surface of the platform or only some spots?

Please go through the platform maintenance. An excessive amount of material in the space between the heatbed and the perforated plate creates a bulge on the platform.

I doubt there is something wrong with the zcode.

Anyway, you can always increase the First layer gap. You can find this feature in the External Materials section.