First print of Goette

Finally i got my own Zortrax and it works perfectly!

First thing i printed come out just perfect. I wanted to test the precision and the mechanical properies of the filament and the printer. Everything is just perfect, just the calibration has to be improved. When the 5 point calibration is implemented everything would be great!

The model is made on Pro/Engineer, print time 3h, support 80°, fillament ca. 20 gram, fill method middle.

Btw big thanks to the Zortrax Team for the great work. It’s a long time ago i saw a such simple to use and high quality product.

That was a fun print! I like it alot, quality also looks great! Good job sir.

Yes, it looks really good Goette! Did you find that on Thingiverse? I remember seeing something like that there. I think I will print that too. :slight_smile:

No I made that by my own. Could be that things like that are on Thingiverse but i wanted to learn something about clips and printing. Thats the reason i draw it by my own.

I can give you the stl file so you can print it too. But its not perfect right now because i forgot the offset of the surfaces touching each other. So because of the tolerances it works but not perfect.

Oh, I found the thing I saw… It is a little different. This is what I thought it was.