First prints with the m200

Hello everyone!  I’ve been loving the m200.   Nicely built machine producing great prints!  As a starter for my first print, I thought I’d throw something a bit challenging at it.  I used this zombie-like creature I created in Mudbox (“The Viscerator”) and I was blown away by how well it came out.  I used light support and light infill and white ABS at 0.19.   The second guy is a little alien character I made (again Mudbox and Maya).   This is using the orange ABS at 0.19 with a medium infill.  I’m now experimenting with some of the Z-ULTRAT for prop creation and I’ll post my results here as well. If interested,

I’m putting up some timelapses and images on my Instagram here:




Welcome! I'm a follower of yours on instagram as you are of mine lol! 

Great design and prints!

Hey Techbuilder - fantastic!  See you in here and out there ;)