first prints

well actually the first 2-3 didnt come out well (warping, layer cracking etc)

these came out much better...although on the bigger bust there some layers are not aligned properly (eye line) and so even tho i sanded it off and tried to smooth it out by applying a very thin layer of clay on in before spraying them with primer...those lines are still there.

Anyway I have to say in my little experience that the prints are def much better than what i saw at work generated on a makerbot printer







Amazing job evilmaul!!!!!

amazing!! can you share the source files?


You should try acetone smoothing instead of sanding. This will probably also fix your lines.

Here an example.

It’s super easy to do. Just follow these instructions here.

No special equipment needed.

thanks guys. Andre I saw that video I just didnt get to try that out yet (mostly i dont have a proper space for doing that ) but I will definitely try it onto the next print.

Sorry Scentapio I cant share those. But I will see if can prepare one of my sculptures that I can share with you guys.