First time auto bed calibration

Quick update - i'm at the half-way mark on the test print, and it appears the extruder has skipped backwards on the Y axis.  See linked video:

I don't know if this is any indication that there still is some inherent problem with the X and Y fresh from the factory here.

It's already 1:10am, but I feel I need to babysit this print and see how it turns out!


Who was I kidding - I knew I was going to stay up to see how this turned out. ;)

So, some pretty bad errors. Crazy stair casing in some areas, especially right at the end on the ears. Though, what DID print came out fairly smooth and tight. It appears to be a problem with the X and Y movement. Maybe I just got a defective unit from the factory?

Alright, here are some pictures with comparison to the actual cast of the real model. It's 2:15a, I'm off to bed! Looking forward to reading a bunch of ideas and solutions in the morning (hint, hint)





The noise during infill is a resonance. My personal printer does not have it, but one of our Zortraxes at work has it and I think I also heard it on other videos people posted over time. So you could call that noise more “common” and it also does not seem to affect print quality. Up until today I’m wondering where it originates from…to me it sounds like a lightweight piece of metal resonating with the stepper frequency.

Did you grease the rods yet? It might reduce the noise a little.

Looks like you are still having problems with the Y axis. (front to back) It's getting better though. Did you tighten both screws on the back left stepper?

Yes, there is still an issue with either friction or loose grub screws…that’s where the steps comes from.

My main concern is that the unit surely did not leave the factory with binding x/y axis… So something happened during shipping. You may even have a slightly bent axis rod somewhere and this could cause issues in the long term.

Yes, there is still an issue with either friction or loose grub screws...that's where the steps comes from.

My main concern is that the unit surely did not leave the factory with binding x/y axis… So something happened during shipping. You may even have a slightly bent axis rod somewhere and this could cause issues in the long term.

Hey Andre, I think this may be the case, as there were problems from the get go. We'll get it sorted out soon enough. 

Steve - some prints stop after a certain Z-height if "random seams" has been selected in ZSuite.  You can usually tell if this happens by carefully checking the image in Z-suite after the object has been "Print"-ed.

What happend to you on the first video also happend to me the first day, the problem is thath there was no grease on the guides, so the motors didnt move the nozzle to the point where it need to make contact.

Put some grease on all the rods

Thanks for all the suggestions. At this point, it's been determined that it would be best to get me a new machine, so I'm hoping to hear from Octave Computer in CA about either a repair or swap out with working machine.

I did try to run an optimized STL print a 2nd time yesterday afternoon, and got the same stair-case results, with some in the exact same position, and new ones in different locations.


New machine soon I hope!


Got your email and it looks like this printer will be in my hands in a few days. 


Just got my printer and set it up.  Really impressed with the first couple of prints.  I ordered it from Octave systems and decided to get the bundle of Zabs colors with it.  After upgrading the software and firmware to the latest builds I ran into a problem trying my next print.  I switched to Red Zabs and installed it as your are supposed to but now the stepper gear that you can see from the front just ocillates back and fourth as if it has the new fillament jammed inside.  Tried to reload the new fillament several times and time ran out and had to leave.  Hoping I don't have a big problem but after seeing this video above (my printer doesn't make those harsh resonance noises however) I'm guessing something is not right.

The build quality of this printer is exceptional!  The manual however is pretty bad.  I have a Kudo3D Titan1 and wanted a simpler printer that was dependable and I think I chose wisely with this printer.  I love my Titan1 as it's really customizable and when you get it right the results are stunnning.  Give the above, the first 2 prints of the Zortrax really amazed me with the quality (i've only used .09mm thus far).  Lastly I need to figure out how to deal with the supports.  For complex geometry the autosupport generation in the Z software is pretty hard to deal with in 'almost' enclosed areas, say the mouth of a charachter with a long snout.  Can i do my support work in a seperate app and bring it in flat in to the Zsoftware or is this a bad idea with this printer and I should just accept the couple of options for supports it generates.

First off welcome.. Glad to see another from Colorado on here.. You make  2 of us are in Littleton.    When you unloaded filament before red, did it seem to pull out easily? Sam just posted a video that might help you.. Can you push on filament to help feed it past the possible jam?

When you use the unload method it happens sometimes that a little blob breaks off and then it sits under the gear blocking the hole. Just remove the stepper and then you can remove it. I completely stopped using the unload function. I just cut off the filament right at the feed opening and then load the new filament right behind the old one. Haven’t had an issue since…

The other solutions posted are correct, but if you haven't done it, the quickest and easiest thing to try is just cut back a couple cm of material. I ran into this issue with filament that absolutely wouldn't load, but it worked fine after I snipped a little off. Oh, and cut it at a diagonal.

But if you use my method make sure to not cut it diagonal. It had to be flat to be able to push the old filament out.

Thanks for the welcome!  I responded this a.m. and forgot to cntrl+C my thread and it didn't post and didn't want to write back as I was late for work.

I have found this printer to be well designed.  The documentation is subpar, the sample prints on SD card didn't work etc.  But I was amazed at the print quality! and ease of use.

I however am dismayed at the lack of options for Z software and supports.  Do you folks typically design supports in another app and bring that model in flat to be printed in Zsoftware?

Love the printer but at the moment I have a stuck filament that I can't get unclogged as I took the print head apart and a bearing race fell out.  Not sure where it goes but I see the tiny bit of white filament blocking the passage.

Best Regards,


I never design supports into the model..

You can design supports into the model if need be though.. Pick up some cheap dental picks.. Ebay.. They work great!