[FIXED] Bugs in the new website ?

Dear all Zortrax team members,

I wish I could order something on your website on May 19th 2015.

Unfortunately, I forgot my password. I desesperately tried (at least 6 times during all the day) to receive a new password from you but I received nothing.

I decided to create a new account with another mail address. It worked, I could order but I only received confirmation from Paypal and nothing from Zortrax. This is my first point: it seems there is a problem with your mail server.

I tried to send an email to you this week to warn you about this problem but it seems you didn't receive it (may be a global mail server failure).

Today, I tried to go to Zortrax website and to redo a missing password processus but, and this is my second point: it seems some files are missing (look at this screenshot):


Best wishes and speedy recovery ! ;)



there are also links problems on mac, firefox 38

Some problems also with Safari 6 (too small shout box window) on mac

It is fixed since today.

Incidents are closed.