Folders on Zortrax SD cart


I have many Z.code files on my SD card Zortrax.

I would sort them and distribute them in folders.

I tried, but it does not.

The folders are not visible


This system works very well with other SD cards to another printer.

The printer computer only really does one thing-finds the visible zcode. When it is in a folder it is invisible to the computer.

I am guessing it is not a large computer to do anything but interpret zcodes and carry out the command. Anymore than that and it will be a regular computer and computers are prone to errors, also skyrocket prices. lol but this is only my guess

I don't keep many zcode files on my card. I keep them on my computer on only a few zcodes at any one time. 

No sense confusing it. lol


AFAIK, an arduino driven RAMPS with Marlin firmware is able to deal with sd cards folders, even nested ones, and it’s only a venerable 8 bit 16Mhz processor. I do not know what is the processor in the M200, but it should be at least as powerfull.

Maybe you should ask it as a feature request in the dedicated “software” sub forum part.



thank you for the answer

But my printer Witbox can see and open a folder on an SD card.

Why Zortrax could not do it?

Should we set up something on the PC or SD card?

I make and I sell laminators for photographers.

There are a lot of plastic components. I print very often these parts with Zortrax and Witbox.

All files are stored on my PC but also on the SD card of Zortrax and another for the Witbox.

There are over 30 different files and it would be more convenient to group them into folders.

I also use Zortrax for further experiments and research.

And all of these files are a bit mixed!

It naturally there’s a solution: using multiple SD cards   :wink: 

thank you for this other answer.

That may be because the processor.

It has nothing to do with CPU, IMHO. Zortrax has installed ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit processor.

If you request the feature, it might be available in next firmware update.

“If you request the feature, it might be available in next firmware update.”

Good idea